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There are a number of ways you can work with me, both for personal and  group/whole school coaching/training.
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1:1 Coaching

We start with a free Discovery Call to learn about your current situation and challenges and what your immediate needs and goals are. We then decide on a coaching plan that will best support you both personally and professionally both for the short and long term.

My role is to share my knowledge, expertise and resources, allowing you the space to be confidentially heard without judgement and guiding you in the process of gaining greater self-awareness, acceptance and tools for self-management that best suit you and your circumstances.  Packages of three, six or longer term sessions are available according to individual need.

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Group and whole school Workshops/Insets

Understanding and Applying Human Needs Psychology:

I design bespoke workshops to leaders and staff based on exploring 6 Human Needs Psychology and strategies. The workshop will provide an overview of each of the 6 Needs and the range of ways we choose to meet them based on our experiences, beliefs, values, rules, and expectations.  We will explore how we tend to prioritise two needs over others and the impact this has on our day to life experience and relationships both personal and professional. 

The workshop is practical and ends with the creation of a personalised action plan to take away in order to deepen the understanding gained and strategies for how to create positive change that will benefit both the individual and group.

Workshops can be for half a day, whole day or Twilight sessions according to individual needs of the school/team.

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Happy Staff, Happy Children, Happy School Programme

This is a whole day program that can also be broken down and condensed to half day or Twilight sessions according to need.

The program blends the theory, strategies and resources based on the training of Marci Schimoff from her book, ‘Happy for no Reason’ with strategies and resources from other areas I am trained in to bring maximum choice and benefit to individual and collective wellbeing.

The program highlights how our day to day happiness is determined by our individual happiness, ‘set-point’ which accounts for 50% of our experience while the remaining 10% is based on our circumstances and 40% based on our personal habits of thoughts, responses and behaviours that can be changed.

We look at 7 key areas blending the key theory of each with practical activities and take away strategies and resources to explore:

  • 1

    Laying the foundation for happiness:

    Examining the science behind our happiness set point, the happiness continuum and ways to take more personal responsibility  for how we think, feel, respond and behave.

  • 2

    The workings of the brain:

    Why we should not believe everything we think and how to stop negative patterns of reactions, thoughts and beliefs that limit our happiness experience.

  • 3

    The science of the Heart:

    Letting positive rather than negative emotion lead, allowing for greater levels of compassion for the self and others while creating healthy boundaries to maintain our own well-being. 

  • 4

    Taking care of the body:

    Going beyond the advice to eat, sleep and exercise well to explore how and why our bodies respond to stress and overwhelm and how we can build better resistance  and resilience. 

  • 5

    Nourishing our soul:

    Developing habits that allow more connection to our inner selves, trusting our own instincts and wisdom by being more mindful and living with more perspective, calm and peace.

  • 6

    Reigniting the spark:

    Rediscovering our sense of purpose and what makes us feel happy, alive and fulfilled and how to bring more of that into our daily lives.

  • 7

    Tending to our relationships:

    How to find and nurture relationships that enhance our sense of well-being and how to create healthy boundaries when dealing with relationships we find challenging without losing emotional control that can then have negative impact on how we feel about ourselves or others.

In our discovery call we will discuss if you would like a general overview day with specific information and practical activities and resources shared using all steps. Alternatively, you may choose to focus on selected aspects to explore in more depth, still with the sharing of the relevant information, practical activities and specific resources to take away.

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Free coaching session

In these challenging times, I would like to offer my support to headteachers in managing their personal wellbeing, by offering a free 90-minute coaching session.