Strategic Intervention

The word ‘strategic’ may often sound like a planned military intervention but this is not the case at all in this context!
‘Strategic’ quite simply refers to ‘strategies’ that are offered to clients based on their individual needs and circumstances. The intervention is the coaching relationship where the client trusts the coach to be their supporter, accountability partner and guide to become more resourceful and flexible in managing their emotions and creating change in ways that suit the particular needs of each client.

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I draw on these strategies as well as those from the Tony Robbins Core Programmes in my work with clients, be that with individuals, couples or groups. The beauty of this approach is its flexibility. My goal is to learn as much as possible about my client’s life, circumstances and key people so I can best guide them and teach them strategies that allows them to take action in ways that feel right for them. The emphasis is always on developing the flexibility and resources within the client so that they are the ones who make and sustain the necessary changes to create more of what they want in their lives.

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Tailored Packages

As everyone is different and coaching is about ensuring that all clients have the time and space to determine exactly what they want, and to feel comfortable with me as their coach, I offer an initial two session package to do just that.
Following our free 30 minute chemistry call, two initial 75 minute sessions can be booked and taken within one month of booking. You get to choose if you prefer that to be fortnightly or over two weeks. From there, together we can determine how best to move forward in a way that most benefits you.

Some clients are fiery and prefer to take quick action over a short period of time. Some clients want to address a situational issue, others a more deeply embedded emotional one that is impacting on all areas of their life. Others prefer to take their time and have regular sessions to explore specific situations and circumstances as they come up.

To this end I offer bespoke packages that will address those needs and tailor sessions to create a package and schedule that works best for you. Please do get in touch to find out more.

Specific Packages

The 10 Session Champion Project

These are specifically tailored packages for either men or women to help them gain clarity and self-awareness at any stage of life.

The programme follows ten 75 minute sessions that explore all aspects of life and provides the tools and strategies to gain more inner confidence, improve key relationships, make different career choices and goals or create change in any area of life.

The Relationship Builder Programme

This is a focused, truly transformational 5 session programme for couples who may be in crisis and on the brink of breaking up or at a stage where they feel in a rut or have lost their spark and passion for each other.

Each session is 2 and a half hours long and includes watching a Tony Robbins Intervention film followed by in depth discussion and exercises to help focus on how to understand your own and each other’s needs. This then creates deeper understanding and improved communication. Action plans are then created as ‘homework’ in between sessions along with a clear plan for continued development at the end of the programme.

This programme works best in a face to face setting and can also be offered as a group session for up to 5 couples.

This programme is also for individuals as well as couples for anyone looking to improve their relationship and then apply to their own situation as they feel appropriate.

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