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What is OSCAR and how will it work for you?

So what is OSCAR? Well, first of all, who is Oscar?! Oscar was my beloved golden Labrador who had been with me for every step of my coaching journey. To learn more about him and how he helped shape my journey to being able to do what I do now, please go to the blog by clicking here.

Suffice to say, he was my constant friend, buddy and companion and had a whole chapter in my book about the importance of the relationships we have in our lives, including when the most significant one is with a pet.

So I created the OSCAR structure using his name and the acronym fitted my coaching intentions very nicely!

So, OSCAR is a framework of the process I use to help structure the coaching sessions with Clients. All of the aspects of OSCAR are used though are fluid in how they are presented and acted upon within the coaching according to individual clients’ needs. In a nutshell, the process is as follows:


Ownership because everything starts with us! I will support you in gently taking ownership of the feelings, thoughts and actions and decisions that have created your current reality. We will explore the patterns and triggers that are keeping you stuck or feeling powerless and then apply a range of tools and strategies to create a different perspective both of the past and the future. This empowers you to then make different choices and  I will guide you in developing the confidence and flexibility to determine how to let go of the past and what isn’t working and focus on creating a different present and therefore future.

Self-care and Strategies

Taking ownership isn’t just about facing up to a different perspective, it is also about how you take care of your own needs and what changes need to be made to put you and your well-being first. It is not selfish to focus on ourselves, providing that what we do is not intentionally harming others. We will explore how to release any patterns of lack of self -worth or feeling undeserving of care and support and create new patterns of thoughts and actions that will empower you to feel good about yourself and make different choices based on that perspective. This will then positively impact the relationships you have with others both professionally and personally.

Clarity and Choices

Clarity is essential if we are to understand what has led us to our present feelings and behaviours and what we want to create differently for the future. We will explore a range of techniques and tools to help you get clear on what you don’t want and how to minimise this in your life and increase more of what you do want. Through the lens of personal ownership and self-care, you can feel empowered to make different choices in your life.


Understanding the reasons for our own and others’ thoughts and behaviours is great. However, nothing changes without action. But everyone is different and the key to creating sustainable change is to take actions that feel right for you and to regularly practice new ways of thinking, communication and behaving. We will explore what best suits you and your dreams and goals. This can be as an individual, as part of a couple or part of a larger group.


This is the proof of the pudding. With ownership, self-care and the ability to make different choices and take appropriate action in different areas of your life, what are the results you want to see and how will you know if you have achieved what you wanted. By how you feel and in the improved quality of your relationships and your personal and/or professional situation. We will review progress at the end of each session and block of sessions and create an on-going action plan for you to continue to develop your own knowledge, skills and resources.

I offer coaching for individuals and couples. I can tailor bespoke programs for you and can also offer a series of Advanced Relationship Coaching.

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