What is OSCAR and how will it work for you?
We are all unique which is why I focus on the results you want as an individual rather than apply a one size fits all process.

My training and experience as a Coach means that I have a wide variety of theories, strategies and tools to draw from that I tailor to create coaching sessions that are as unique and individual as you are.

The model I have developed is called OSCAR and is named after my very affectionate golden labrador Oscar (whose photo appears at the top of this page)

The OSCAR model is detailed below.

Ownership because everything starts with us! I will support you in gently taking ownership of the feelings, thoughts and actions that have created your current reality. Using a range of tools and strategies, I will then guide you in developing the confidence and flexibility to determine what is and isn’t in your control to change and what different choices may now be available for you to move forwards

Structure and Space
Structure and Space to support you in defining your goals and how to best achieve them so you can become more resourceful in managing your own emotions and behaviours to grow results in any area of life.

Clarity and Choices
Clarity about what is truly important to you and why. Choices can then be explored as to what you should focus on to create and sustain positive change and results.

Alternatives and Action
Alternatives for how you can think, feel and act and the resources to take action to continually grow and move forwards using baby steps to create big changes.

Resourcefulness by developing the knowledge and skills already within you to be your own best resource. Continuing to grow your flexibility and choices to achieve the positive results you want now as well as the results you want in the future in all areas of your life.

The OSCAR model is the framework which explains the process I create with all my clients be it working with individuals or couples.

This is why I offer a 30 minute free chemistry call so that we can talk thorough your needs and requirements and how we can best work together to help you make the most of your best resource, yourself.

Following the discovery session I offer an initial 2 session package to ensure I can learn as much about you, your current situation, key relationships and focus for the coaching. From there you have the choice as to how we continue.

For more details of specific packages please click here.

Jack Newall

"Beccy took the time to understand my issues and knew exactly how to make them more manageable, and furthermore ways to overcome them in the long run - she makes you feel comfortable and is extremely easy to talk to.

I can't recommend Beccy highly enough."
Director, BlackBox Recruitment

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