Happy For No Reason

Everyone wants to be happy, yet so many people are the opposite of that...

This is based on the best -selling book by hugely respected author and speaker, Marci Shimoff. The basis of her teaching is that we all have a happiness set point we are born with but that this does not have to dictate how we feel and live our lives. We can view our happiness set point rather like a temperature thermostat that can be turned up or down according to the habits of thoughts and actions we choose on a daily basis. And the best news? We can actively change how we feel and experience a sense of well-being and happiness no matter what is going on in our external world!

I am delighted and honoured to be one of the first trainers to be personally trained and certified by Marci to spread the message of creating more happiness in our own and others’ lives.

Her book is a culmination of research, anecdotes, scientific fact and proven strategies and processes that provide the tools to naturally raise and make sustainable our natural happiness levels.

Marci’s message and advice dovetails perfectly with all my other experience, skills and learning in providing coaching and training to empower my clients to take more control of their thoughts and actions and create more happiness and fulfilment in all areas of their lives.

Click below to find out details of the workshops I offer and the benefits to individuals and groups looking to enhance their own happiness levels and the positive productivity this brings to both personal and professional relationships. I am always happy to have a free clarity call with you to explain more and see how the Happy for no reason approach (and of course all the other ingredients I offer!) can help you in creating more sustainable happiness and fulfilment in your life.

Here’s to feeling happy, no matter what!

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