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As a previous teacher and having worked as a consultant and trainer in many schools across the country for the last six years I understand only too well the pressures schools and teachers are under. Day to day stress, lack of confidence, overwhelm, trying to be perfect and feeling isolated are just a few of the issues I see.

While school managers may well place staff well-being and whole school Growth Mindset as a priority, the reality is that other demands take over and we are in danger of continually losing some of our best staff due to stress, feeling under -appreciated and overwhelmed with workload and ever changing expectations.  

Positive and consistent communication and appreciation are key as is practical strategies and resources that teachers can access as individuals as well as a whole staff. Many of the resources and strategies can also be used with the children and parents so that the whole school is involved in creating and sustaining a more positive approach to managing the day to day stress of school and home life. 

Talk to me about training specifically for leaders, for teachers, TAs and midday supervisors and whole school.

Coaching for Teachers

As a thank you to teachers everywhere and to show appreciation of all you do, I offer a heavily discounted rate for all my 1:1 coaching. Please contact me to arrange a chemistry call and to find out more. 

I would love to connect with you in person!
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