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Having started my career as a teacher and enjoying the pastoral role I increasingly found myself having with both parents and children, I decided to investigate how I could further develop my skills as a coach.


I first studied for my Masters in Coaching and Mentoring at Oxford Brookes University. I then proceeded to train with the programmes developed by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes (www.robbinsmadanes.com) to develop my understanding and application of Human Needs Psychology. From here I gained certification in their Total Mastery Programme and Relationship Development and Divorce Prevention programmes.

Strategic Intervention

This then inspired me to train with the Institute for Strategic Intervention (www.strategicintervention.com), that applies many modes of psychology theories and practice to specific strategies that empower clients to create growth and change in all aspects of their lives. I now hold Elite Mastery status with their programmes and am proud to say am one of their recommended coaches.


This breadth of study and practice allows me to work with clients in ways that will uniquely help and support them. I enjoy creating empathy and rapport with my clients so they feel safe to explore any topic with me and develop the confidence to grow their emotional range and resourcefulness to make the changes they want. Seeing the emotional and physical shifts they make in their lives and how empowered they feel to continue to learn and apply new tools and strategies always brings immense joy and satisfaction.

We are all different and I will always match my approach to suit the needs of the client and how they want to work. I see my role as that of listener, guide and in some cases teacher to provide space and opportunity for clients to explore their needs, fears or goals. I then encourage them to take action through planned directives that suit their goals to determine what they feel is missing in their life or relationships and take action to create sustainable change and results.

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