About Beccy

Through consulting, coaching, workshops and the written word, my mission is to provide the knowledge, strategies and practical resources that facilitate the awareness, acceptance and habits of positive self-management, empowering more choice and control of your experience both personal and professional.

I have worked in the Education sector for over 25 years. During this time I have taught in several schools, going on to support and work with teachers and Head Teachers as a consultant and trainer.

During this time, I have seen the struggle faced by both Heads and teachers in managing their personal and collective physical, emotional and mental well-being while striving to effectively teach, create and model positive well-being and the habits of resilience to the students in the face of unrelenting pressure and change.

Following my time with Sure Start as a teacher and consultant, my first book for leaders and managers in the Early Years, ‘Clearly Outstanding’ was published and is available on Amazon.

As a result of my own exhaustion, and lack of knowing and confidence in to how to effectively manage my own well-being while trying be the best role model of that for the children in her care, I took time out and left full time teaching to train and study coaching and personal development programs in a range of modalities.

Following my studies in Human Needs Psychology, my second book based on understanding the needs within relationships was published. ‘Start with You. The who wants to be perfect anyway approach to experiencing more  fulfilling relationships’ is also available at Amazon.

Having learned and practised a broad range of theory, strategies, tools and resources for my own personal well-being and development, I now work with Head Teachers who, while endeavouring to support  and lead the well-being of staff, children and parents, often ignore their own needs and well-being, creating negative impact both on themselves and others. 

I provide the confidential time and safe space to support Headteachers in how to put themselves first without feeling selfish or weak, and to truly embody and model the principles of resilience, self-management and care they encourage in their staff and pupils, exploring and creating new approaches that benefits all.

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