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Welcome to the new Website!

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Hello and welcome to the new website!

While I have been continuing with my coaching, training and studying, this time in lock down has given me the opportunity to really reflect on where I want my focus to be.

All things related to personal well-being in everyone is still a passion but I realised that I was not making the most of my personal experience in education that would make more of a difference to the services I offer and the people I want to reach.

So, as a result of some self-reflection as to what really matters to me, where I want to make the most positive difference and the best way to use my knowledge, training and skills to serve others, this website has come about!

The principles of what I offer stay the same, using my own knowledge and experience to share relevant theory, strategies and tools that will help others gain clarity and awareness as to the reasons behind the well-being challenges they face and the tools to be able to create positive and sustainable change in a way that suits them as an individual. No one is the same and while we may have common challenges, share common thought and behaviour patterns, our story as to how that plays out in our life is both unique and personal.

As a teacher and trainer within schools, my passion to help schools provide the best environment to both nurture and equip pupils with the tools necessary for emotional and physical well-being is always at the fore. There are many ways I do this already, through my work with Osiris Educational and with individual children and adults both within and without the education sector.

My hope is that I can continue to share my personal and professional knowledge, training, study and experience to provide more focused services that will have a positive impact in prioritising self-management and self-care in those who have the greatest influence within schools. The more this is prioritised in, and by the adults, the more this will be modelled and sustained in the pupils and I am really excited to be a part of that process for Heads and schools.

So! Please do visit the website, to see for yourself, sign up to receive my fortnightly newsletter with resources, tips and right now a free e-book,

‘An Introduction to Human Needs Psychology: How Learning to Master our Emotions and Responses Leads to Improved Individual and Group Well-Being’

and to get in touch if there is anything more you want to know or have a chat about!

Looking forward to hearing from you!