The Stick Shop

One bright sunny morning, a confident and beautiful woman named Sue was walking down her local high street. As she turned a corner, she noticed a woman coming out of a new shop. The women paused and looked each other up and down as women do, comparing hair, clothes, shape and general air of confidence. Sue decided they were evenly matched except for one thing. Their sticks. Sue’s was short, shabby and gnarled with overuse whereas this woman was carrying a magnificent stick. Long, firm and, more importantly seemed to match exactly the woman’s image and demeanour.

‘Oh My God!’ Sue cried. ‘I love your stick! Where did you get it?!’

The woman smiled. ‘It is rather fabulous isn’t it? I can’t believe how well it goes with everything I own and that I can take it with me wherever I go and is just perfect for any situation.’

The woman then smiled and nodded her head toward the shop she had just come out of. ‘Go see for yourself! They are brilliant at finding what works best for you.’

Intrigued, Sue entered the shop. It was a dimly lit space with rows and rows of shelves, all containing sticks. Long sticks, short sticks, knobbly sticks, different coloured sticks all nestling in their own box.

A young girl appeared from behind a long desk, smiling briskly. ‘Good morning. Welcome to Sticks. Do take a seat. ’She pointed to a large chair in front of the desk which contained a pen and a very long list of questions.

‘Did you bring your current stick with you?’ the assistant asked.

Sue glanced down at the stick held in a loose bag across her back. She always had it with her and couldn’t remember a time when it wasn’t there.

Carefully, she laid it out on the table in front of the assistant. The girl picked it up. ‘Hmm, his has obviously been used well, from early teens I would say but has lost some of its sharpness and you clearly aren’t using it as much as you used to.

Sue looked at the girl in amazement. ‘How do you know that?’

The girl smiled. ‘Oh, I’m very experienced. Now let’s get started shall we?’

There then followed a long list of in-depth questions.

How old were you when you first started to use your stick?

How old are you now?

How many times a day do you use your stick?

Are there any particular situations where you use your stick more?

Are there certain people that inspire you to use your stick more often?

Do you use your stick when just alone or when prompted to by others?

Do you use your stick in all your relationships or is it used more with some than others? For example, husband, parents, old friends, work colleagues?

What is your pain threshold gauge for using your stick?

Do you ever share your stick or indulge in group stick use?

How do you react if someone tries to either persuade you to stop using your stick or tries to forcibly remove it from you?( If this happens frequently you may need to also see our additional range of customised armour and self-defence tools.)

What do you do with your stick when you experience any feelings of happiness or self-acceptance?

In a daze but with a growing sense of shame, Sue answered all the questions, distraught at recognising how often in her life she had been tempted to put down her stick and stop using it.

‘Who will I be without my stick?’ She moaned.

‘Don’t worry,’ the girl said as she gently removed Sue’s stick from her. ‘You’re not losing your stick, it will always be a part of you but the time has come for a new stick that more accurately reflects who you are now.

The girl went to a shelf and selected a stick. It was beautiful. Longer than Sue’s previous one, thicker and with a sharply pointed end.

‘This is one of our most popular models,’ the girl explained. ‘The sharp point is excellent for reaching those really deep places that have had a lot of memories and habits attached to them.’

Sue held up her new stick and felt wonderful. She couldn’t wait to start using it!

Sue handed over her payment and the girl explained the guarantee and warranty.

‘Now, this rarely happens but we want to be through in our service to you. If, for any reason, you feel you no longer need or want your stick we ask that you return it so it can be donated to a charity we have set up for young girls who are just beginning to learn about using sticks. If however, your stick becomes damaged or broken through overuse, then we will replace it immediately and also provide you with a celebration certificate and membership of our exclusive stick club which meets here every Wednesday.’

Sue emerged, dazed and happy from the shop, proudly carrying her new stick. As she did so, she caught the eye of a young, attractive girl whose eyes widened in amazement when she saw Sue’s stick. Sue smiled and went to greet her.


The sticks we carry come in all different shapes and sizes and are used for reasons that are as unique as the people that carry them. Get in touch on the askbeccy@lifehouse page to share your stick stories or to ask any questions as to how you can lose them!


Beccy Miller

Beccy Miller

I'm Beccy and welcome to I have always been fascinated by Human Psychology. The reason I love coaching so much is that I can fully relate to what my clients are feeling in terms of feeling stuck, repeating poor quality choices in relationships, jobs or friends, feeling not good enough or loveable enough, fearing success as much as fearing failure, falling out with family etc. And all while on the surface appearing to be very confident, happy and positive.

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