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What do I mean by grow?

We all have times in our lives where we feel stuck. This can be stuck in how we feel, how we behave, how we view ourselves or others and what we feel we can or can’t do. This then limits us as to the choices we have to change how we feel about ourselves, others or situation, professional or personal.

I'm Beccy and I have always been fascinated by Human Psychology. The reason I love coaching so much is that I can fully relate to what my clients are feeling in terms of feeling stuck, repeating poor quality choices in relationships, jobs or friends, feeling not good enough or loveable enough, fearing success as much as fearing failure, falling out with family etc. And all while on the surface appearing to be very confident, happy and positive.

My role as a Strategic Intervention and Growth Coach is to work with you to help you grow these options. By empowering your confidence and flexibility, I support you to make different choices in how you can feel, think and behave so you can take the appropriate action to transform any area of your life or relationships.

Everyone is unique so the strategies, tools and guidance I provide is tailored to meet your individual needs. I work with individuals and couples to identify and grow our resources through my Oscar Model:
Hello and welcome to

Hello and welcome to


Structure and Space

Clarity and Choices

Alternatives and Action


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Start With You

Start With You

The who-wants-to-be-perfect-anyway approach to experiencing more fulfilling relationships
This is my new book, which takes a look at how recognising that no relationship is perfect, including the one we have with ourselves! Recognising this means we develop more flexibility and choices in how we feel and behave in our relationships while asking the questions that will help you focus on what is and isn’t in your control to change.

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