We are all unique and we all experience and want different things.
But essentially we all want to feel and be happy; in our relationships, our careers and mostly in ourselves.

The ingredients for creating this lie within ourselves but life can throw up many obstacles for this. Old patterns of beliefs, thoughts and behaviours, social pressure, lack of clarity about what we really want and lack of the right knowledge or skills to recognise what to change and how. Not to mention how we feel about ourselves and our fear of change

I offer a way to help you access and create more of the ingredients that will give you the power to have more of what you want, whatever that may be. This could be to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your communication with loved ones or at work, create and sustain better relationships, or simply to get clear on your professional and personal goals and dreams with practical steps for how to achieve them.

And my ingredients? Years of training, study and experience that has given me a wonderful tool box of knowledge, expertise, skills and resources that I can share with you. Find out more on my about page.

This is why I work with each client as an individual and create coaching programs to support your individual needs in the right way for you. I apply the same process when working with couples or with groups or with the training programs I offer.

How do I do this? I use my O.S.C.A.R framework to work with you to understand your needs and co-create the best ingredients for you; as an individual, couple, family or corporation.

Life is challenging and ever changing. Our happiness is affected by how we feel in different areas of our life and at different stages. My goal is to guide you from wherever you currently are to create more of what you want and less of what you don’t want and get the balance that is right for you.

Hello and welcome to BeccyMiller.com

Hello and welcome to BeccyMiller.com

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Start With You

Start With You

The who-wants-to-be-perfect-anyway approach to experiencing more fulfilling relationships
This is my new book, which takes a look at how recognising that no relationship is perfect, including the one we have with ourselves! Recognising this means we develop more flexibility and choices in how we feel and behave in our relationships while asking the questions that will help you focus on what is and isn’t in your control to change.

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